Our Academics

The goal of our school is to provide what is the best for students and their learning. We have selected the most suited textbooks for each subject.
English 1

We aim to provide the students with the most suitable textbook for each subject. For this particular subject, we use Academy Stars and English World textbooks.


The subject can be seem as difficult by students. Thus, we use Macmillan Books for the students to make learning easier. 


To make sure that students are able to put their thoughts into words, we have included a subject specifically for this. For this subject, the school produces their own textbook to assure that their needs are met. 


To give students an opportunity to learn stories of various times, we provide classic books for Reading classes.


The right textbook is necessary for students to have proper practice. Therefore, our school provides My Pals are Here mathematics textbooks for the students.

Physical Education

As different students have interest in different types of sports, we have a routine of several kinds to spark interest in students.